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What schools do you need senior reps for?

I need a variety of schools to help ensure I reach as many seniors as possible!

Do I need to be a junior or can I be a senior to apply?

You can apply at any time prior to the beginning of the Senior school year.

When do you start accepting applications for next year?

Applications begin January of your Junior school year.

What are you looking for in a senior rep?

Someone outgoing, outspoken, stylish, and fun!

Are you accepting guys and gals to be a senior rep? 

Absolutely! I am also an LGBTQ ally!

Is there a specific type of personality or hobby/interest that you are looking for your senior rep to have?

Everyone is unique, so I tailor your session to your personality. I may ask to push some boundaries outside your comfort zone, but it helps my style grow, and you never know, you may enjoy the new looks too! I accept all hobbies/interest! It helps me grow in my creativity when you let me know what you participate in. 

What are my job duties and responsibilities as a senior rep? 

Your job is to be available (within' reasonable timeframe) for your session in the season of my choosing. Promote your images on social media, while attracting referrals to give you discounts on any further products you may want to purchase at the end of the year, or to gain another session at a discounted Senior Model Price. Along with hyping YOURSELF up in the meantime!

Am I required to attend any events/workshops/community events?

It is possible I will have an end of year bash to capture a group photo, have some coffee, and hang. This is required you attend if so, as I don't want a group photo without everyone on the team present. 

Does it cost to be a senior rep?

The only cost to you is the discounted Senior Session cost. This is due prior to or on your session date.

How do I apply to be a senior rep? 

Message me on my facebook page for the application link!

When will I find out if I have been selected as a senior rep? 

If you have been selected you will be notified via email or facebook message on the date of announcements mentioned. 

What will I receive in exchange for representing your studio? 

A highly discounted session, 10 watermarked images to share and print as many times as you wish, a photo gallery to share with friends and family, and possibly Christy Ladd Photography Merch!

If I’m selected, when will my session take place? 

Your session will be scheduled once I have chosen the best timeframe/season for each Senior Model. 

Will this be an individual or a group session with other senior reps?

There may be stylized sessions involving the entire group that take place such as 4th of July, Campfire, 70's, etc. These are at NO cost, for my portfolio and your memories! You will still receive the individual session as well.

Do I have any say over where that session is located or what I wear?

Absolutely! I will ask you let me utilize your wardrobe to chose the best pieces for the theme/location I have planned for that time.

Do my referrals get a discount and/or do I receive anything extra if I go beyond quota?

Absolutely! Your referred Seniors, get to enjoy a 10% off discount on the full session or products from their session. You will receive referral credits that are applied to any images or products you would like to purchase at the end of the year. 

If I do not meet my mandatory referral quota, will I still be able to receive my products? 

Yes! You will receive the 10 digitals as mentioned above as part of your promotional material to use as you wish. Senior Sunday is a great time to post!

When will I receive my products?

You receive your digitals, via download link, approximately 2 weeks after you chose your favorite 10 from your gallery!

What do I need to bring? 

Accessories, such as hats, scarves, jewelry, and senior items. This includes your letterman/senior ring/sports items/official items for extras such as Ag or UIL.

What should I do to prepare for the session? 

I have a checklist I can share if you'd like to know how I recommend you prepare for the session day.

Who all should come to the shoot? Can I bring a friend/family member?

I encourage friends and family to attend! It's a great memory to have a photo with your parent or guardian to hold onto! Friends I feel are a must! It's amazing to be able to see how much you have changed down the road! 

Will these images be posted online or any social networks? 

All of the images I take are used on all platforms. I post to social media, I use for promotions, I also have some steer on a billboard for Clint and Sons in White Deer :)

Should I go tanning before my session? 

This is part of my checklist. If you do plan to tan prior to your session, I encourage you do it in a tanning booth if using a spray tan approximately 1 week prior. I do off shoulder/open back shots, so be mindful of any areas that won't receive the tan as I do not fill in tan lines. 

How many photos do you typically take during the session? 

I tend to overshoot, so getting 200-300 images is normal for me, however I cull the images down to around 50-100 of the absolute best poses. No stray hairs/squinted eyes/mid speaking etc.

Do you offer professional retouching?

I do hand edit every photo to retouch any non-permanent marks.

Do you provide styling tips? 

YES! I have a HUGE color OCD. I am going to assist you through the wardrobe choices, based off of what you have in your closet!

Do you provide the props that are in the photos or do I need to bring my own? 

If I create a styled session, I will provide the items to achieve it, apart from the wardrobe. Most styles can go with what you already have, but don't normally put together :)

Do you have a hair/makeup artist that I need to use or do I need to provide that myself?

I have a makeup artist, that does basic hair styles. You may utilize her at anytime, however she is a separate entity and has her own costs. Let me know if this is something you would like to do and I can give you further information on how to proceed. If using your own, I need to be in contact with them to share the style to ensure the makeup matches the session vibe.

Is there an additional cost to use your hair/makeup artist?

Answered above, however I may pay for her services on styled shoots depending on her availability. 

What senior products do you offer?

Prints, Digitals, Canvas, Curved Metals, Brag books, Albums, and more!

If I want a full session after the senior rep session, will I get a discount?

If you are able to recruit 3 Seniors to use me your next session is discounted like your first, however, you get 5 additional watermarked digital images.

Can I order more prints/products later? 

YES! I encourage you wait until ALL of your referrals are in for the year so you can utilize your full discount.

How do you accept payment and when is it due? 

Venmo/Cash App/PayPal/ Facebook Pay/ Cash/ Check - Payment is due on or before your session date. A retainer will be collected via online contract prior to your session date!