What up ya'll! I've had a passion for art since I was a kid. I need this outlet in my life to make me feel sane. I have been told I talk more and smile more when Ive got a camera in my hand and I think that's a good thing lol. Just know that if I am your photographer, I am the most chill/laid back person I know. I want to make it feel like we're friends just hanging out and capturing some instagram worthy moments. The goal is when you look back years from now, you remember the exact moment my shutter captured you. I want the realness. The real you when the camera isn't looking. The candid moments show the truth of someone, and that's what I want to capture. I see everyone's beauty, even if it's hard for them to see it themselves. I make it my personal mission to make you love you in the short amount of time we spend together. 

For your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) - As a mother of 2 young almost adult women, I understand the desire to capture every detail of their ever changing faces. They will soon leave the nest and grow older. I know I can't stop time, but I can freeze it. An everlasting memory you can see and feel. You can remember the exact moment I clicked the button. What made them laugh in the photo, what made you cry from behind the scenes. I wanted to create that feeling for everyone I could. We all have worked so hard to raise them, mold them, love them. Though they leave your side, you can always have a piece of them in the memory I have for you. I hope you enjoy what you find here on my site, and will speak to you soon!

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