Why hello there! I bet your wondering what makes me LOVE photography?! I started out creating art in lots of ways, not sure which angle I was going to go in.

     Well, my husband and I had our first daughter in 2003 at the young age of 18, and I went photo crazy! Playing dress up, first laughs, first smile, and other memorable milestones. Mind you I had just a simple point and shoot. Soon after my daughter had turned 3, our computer and other things were stolen. I no longer had the memories of the photos to see any longer due to an unfortunate event I could have never imagined. This is when I decided, everything must be printed! Due to financial circumstances, it would take me until 2012 to get my "hobby" off the ground. CL Photography was born!

     I believe God put me on this earth with the talent I possess to help raise awareness of the power of a photograph. I love to shoot candid's of your young one, the love between couples, or the genuine beauty of a generations photo.  I have no limits on what type of sessions I take, but my favorites to shoot are Single portraits and Senior Photography :)